A little tips about swingers lifestyle threesome

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There are some tips for first time swingers, which can help you navigate these delicate waters. Whether you're a seasoned couple looking to finally invite a third party into the boudoir or are a swinging single looking for threesome, there are certain things you should know to prepare for the experience. After all it's challenging enough to find balance with two people, and threesomes can be omnipresent with imbalances and awkwardness that make getting on the same page sexually between three participants.

The difference between a threesome and swinger is having everyone comfortable and excited about the union. Get together and have a date to hang out before intimacy to allow for bonding both emotionally and sexually. Of course, this may not be possible in a club situation, but in general this is the best way to get a vibe of whether or not it will work out well and to confirm that everyone is equally on board with a triad encounter.

During that initial date go ahead and set those boundaries, giving everyone an opportunity to chime in. Don't want anything in your bum, or aren't into a certain position? Now's the time to speak up. Partners need to have their own set of mutual rules, and then clue in the third party as to what those are, as well.

The point of threesomes are to become intoxicated by loving and sharing each others bodies, and getting too drunk can dampen the experience in multiple ways. Not everyone can handle their liquor well, but even more importantly is the fact that too much of certain intoxicants can cause vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction. If lowering your inhibitions is necessary, don't overdo it.

Swingers will tell you that threesomes can be physically exhausting, so it's always good when one party takes a break from the action. It's even better when you can just enjoy the primal beauty of watching the other two lover's entanglement-and of course, pleasuring yourself is always optional!

Once the intimacy ends it may seem awkward trying to part ways if the third doesn't spend the night. If this is the case, make the break after having a friendly meal or cup of coffee in a public place so no one feels cheapened right after sex.

Follow these tips and ride the swingers lifestyle right into your first threesome and make it orgasmic!